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We deliver top-tier medical and emotional healthcare without judgment during special events.

JMed, also called JahMed, is a non-profit medical services organization based in California. Our staff is committed to safeguarding the health and welfare of attendees at various events, ranging from intimate gatherings to expansive multi-day events in Northern California. Our team comprises healthcare professionals and passionate volunteers who share our mission.

Our Services

All JahMed physicians and clinicians are licensed and work within their typical scope of practice.
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Provider Services

JahMed Providers include physicians and advanced practice clinicians who collaborate with the JahMed nursing team to oversee hospital operations. Their specialties include primary care, critical care, and emergency medicine.



JahMed Nurses work in tandem with JahMed providers to provide short-term evaluation and treatment without impacting resources like ambulances and Emergency rooms. All JahMed clinicians are licensed and work within their typical scope of practice. 


Medical Response Teams

Comprised of EMTs and Paramedics, JahMed's Medical Response Teams comprise highly qualified volunteers trained to determine appropriate treatment, including whether patients can be treated on-site or transported to a nearby hospital.

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JahMed's Psych Team provides psychiatric crisis response and harm prevention to those experiencing intense psychedelic reactions.  The team helps provide a safe environment during events that safely guides and supports those in altered mental states to return to a functional state of being.



JahMed’s Self Care department provides and assists patrons with first aid of minor wounds, over the counter (OTC) medications, and items of personal well-being like condoms and hearing protection. The goal or self-care is to keep patrons comfortable, healthy and happy.

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Support Logistics

JahMed's Support & Logistics Team provides all logistical needs and facilitates communication between event stakeholders and fellow event division heads to maintain cooperation and help achieve the broader mission of JahMed medical.



JahMed provides and manages our dispatch services. Providing this service with highly trained and experienced staff ensures efficient communication during medical emergencies between onsite festival staff, volunteers, and patrons as well as outside EMS agencies when needed.

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